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There is a farm at west 82nd/83rd from Broadway to Central Park West that is often at L7. This page helps answer some questions about it.

Where is it?[edit]

It starts at 82nd and Central Park West and ends at Broadway and 83rd. You can get to it from the B/C to the Museum of Natural History stop on 81st or via the 1 at the 79th or 86th street stops.

You can see it on the Intel Map here.

How Big is it?[edit]

I divide it into two and a half loops.

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The primary loop is from CPW to Columbus, the secondary loop is from Columbus to Amsterdam, and the extended secondary (from Amsterdam to Broadway) has enough portals to make it worth the extra walk to me. My typical path is above. Starting at the 81st St. subway I start by heading north to 83rd, for me the direction is important since I've noticed an odd quirk with Verizon's network where I sometimes lose connectivity if I go the opposite direction due to a wonky cell handoff. I usually stay on the south side of 83rd, it saves a trip across the street. Once I get to Columbus, I cross the street to grab the multi-hacked Marble Pillars, once I do this it's worth it to do a figure 8. Heading south along Columbus I can grab Olde Good Things by crossing to the south of 82nd and often Naivete and Wisdom. Now I hang a right and walk up 82nd, when I hit Amsterdam I can cross slightly askew to hit St. Agnes' Library. Then I continue to Broadway and head back on 83rd down to Columbus where I can hit the multihacked portals again before going down 82nd to CPW to complete the loop. So the answer is "it depends on how dedicated you are."

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The above graphic shows all of the portals I hit roughly in order (order may change slightly depending on GPS drift. There are currently 42 portals and, with multihacks, there are 50 effective portals with a total of 200 hacks for a burnout. There are also surrounding support portals on 84th and 81st which are not typically farmed but often provide reinforcing links.

Not appearing above are:

  • Towers of Enlightenment between 2 and 3.
  • Dante Alighieri Bas Relief between 5 and 6
  • Seal of the State of New York between 9, 10 and 11 and 33, 34, 35
  • Pizzeria Wall Mural River Crossing between 11 and 12
  • George Murphy Parish Center between 22 and 23
  • Cast Iron Equine Window Detail between 24 and 25
  • Soldier McGee Tavern between 26 and 27
  • Engine Company 74 between 32 and 33
  • Stone Face Gargoyle labeled as 43 (probably not visible since the area's very dense, but it's being linked to!)
  • Stone, Winged Guardian Sculpture between 46 and 1.

Alternate Pathing[edit]

Of course, there are lots of ways to walk the farm. Many people get out of the 81st St. subway and just walk the primary loop. Some will make one big loop from CPW to Amsterdam. Some are a bit less obvious.

I tend to go for max XM collection, especially in the mornings if I've taken over the farm and I need to recharge it or I just want to check mods.

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This is my normal figure-8 pattern, but I tend to walk quickly so I need to spend a little extra time. I head up Broadway to 84th before cutting back over to 83rd at Amsterdam. If the lights are with me or I need keys/mods or the portals are L7 I may cross Broadway to hit some of the portals on the other side, but usually I'm just looking to gather XM to recharge so hitting everything isn't important. The best part is that this usually takes me just about 20 minutes per loop so there's no downtime and the farm becomes an XM-free zone as long as I'm walking it.

There's also the Key Farm Loop. Every so often you just need keys to everything, including the support portals. But walking down 84th or 81st seems so wasteful. To make it feel like I'm not spinning my wheels I've developed the Key Farm Loop, sometimes known as the "How much free time do you have on your hands?" loop or the "Holy crap, where did my inventory space go?" loop. Admittedly this became a lot less worthwhile since two of the support portals were properly placed in the farm itself.

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Starting at 81st and CPW, I head north to 84th to grab Four Greek Gods and Watching the Stone Face. Then I head back to 83rd and then to CPW, hanging a left to hit Greek Gods a second time (NOTE: This is kind of walking "backwards" from my usual route so it may cause the connectivity issues that caused me to go with the traffic flow). At Columbus I keep going all the way down to 81st, hitting Marble Pillar, Naivete and Wisdom, Ray's, Olde Good Things, and Theodore Roosevelt Park along the way. Then I head towards Amsterdam hitting the duplicate and misplaced Engine Company and the Church of Stan. This makes it easier to hit the Library before turning down 82nd and getting that leg. I then repeat the 81st run but when I hit 82nd I head towards Broadway and get the Church, Artie's, Checker, and Stone Ball (you may need to cross Broadway here, it pays to know your GPS). Heading north to 84th I can hit Amidon, the Duane Reade, both Edgar Allen Poes, and Eagle Court. The Bromley is a bit weird, I nearly always drift towards it at some point, whether it's by the Duane Reade or heading up 84th. At Amsterdam I can typically hit Puppy Pillar without crossing the street which allows me to take a few steps towards Broadway on 83rd to nab Children's Museum and Cafe Lalo. Then I head down 83rd to Columbus, cross over to 82nd, and continue to CPW to complete the loop. All told about 2.25 miles and it takes me a little over half an hour at a brisk walk if I hit the lights. This nets me just about every key I care about except Twin Owls at 85th and CPW (I rarely link from there) and the 81st St. subway, but I hit there often enough it's not a problem.

How many items will it net me?[edit]

As of August 2018, after a full burnout from Amsterdam to CPW (not including the portals west of Amsterdam or any auxillary portals) I got 470 items and it took 57 minutes without rushing and drained my battery about 33%:

  • Power Cubes: 50
  • Mods: 30
  • XMPs: 195
  • Resonators: 195

These days I count the number of items dropped on a loop rather than a full burnout. A loop is shorter (~15-20 minutes) and a full burnout is a lot of equipment. Per loop I had averaged about 110-125 items at the end of June 2014. You can also easily gather 50kXM during a burnout, but XM is a bit trickier to accurately count and drift plays a large role. This is great for people looking to boost their recharger badge especially if you walk slowly enough for the XM to respawn in front of you.

How long does it take?[edit]

It takes me 60-90 minutes to burnout the extended loop without hurrying. If I walk slowly or glyph hack, I can even time things such that I get an infinite XM stream since it's close to 20 minutes to walk the extended loop.

Who maintains it?[edit]

Sadly, it's not very well-maintained these days. I've been mostly retired for the past few months, maybe as it warms up...

How often does it go down?[edit]

Typically it goes down once during the week and then again during the weekend. It usually comes back up within a day during the week. Having a lot of R8s on the farm makes some of the locals a bit afraid it will be bumped to an 8, if you see 6 or more 8s on most of the portals it may go down soon.

There seems to be a concerted effort to try to break the farm and it's been going down a few times a week now. Silly people. This is great news for most of you, as there's easily 200-300,000 AP in the rebuild so some blue L8s can get their vanity levels. The more they take it down, the more L8's we'll make to rebuild!

What, the farm *is* down! What do I do?[edit]

It does go down from time to time, you may have just gotten unlucky. I've taken to letting others get the UPCs, so most of the time I'll reclaim the next business morning. In the mean time, a big chunk of the reason for me leaving it down is for others to have the captures so feel free to recapture/link if you've got the gear. And if you need the gear, feel free to ping me.

The farm is a blue 8?[edit]

I'm of two minds here. On one hand, dirty hacking is, well, dirty. I'd just as soon get rid of it and be pleased that we've built a better farm than blue ever could. So good they come from all over just to farm it.

But on the other hand, it's a free F8 we can enjoy until the decay gets it and there are a lot more greens in the area than blues. The net effect is that we get a bit less gear than usual but it's all L8 gear to make up for it. Those who partake will frequently blow low level XMPs to let everyone know they're hacking it and to say thanks for the gear, this also has a chance of blowing off mods for when we want to take it down.

Should I deploy resonators?[edit]

If the farm is not a 7 then yes, please deploy whatever you can! If the farm is already a 7 I've found that the best longevity is by having 4xR8 and 4xR7. Once you get to 5-6 R8s the locals get a little worried and try to take it down. But if there's ever a resonator less than a 7 please push it up to a 7 if you've got the resonators.

Should I deploy mods?[edit]

That is what we're chronically short on. With around two mods per portal per takedown for me that's a lot to deploy. Shields or Force Amp/Turret combos are much appreciated, in general if you see a R/VR Shield and there are two open mods, try for a Force Amp and Turret. If there are common shields, drop whatever you've got. If there is already a Force Amp or Turret (but not both), try to drop the other one (if there's a turret, drop a force amp and vice versa). We also put common multihacks along Columbus on the following portals:

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From top to bottom:

  • Bashful Lion
  • Seal of the State of New York (Not Shown)
  • Marble Pillar Entryway
  • Citron Coat of Arms
  • The Original Ray's Pizza
  • Snake Head
  • Naivete and Wisdom
  • Olde Good Things

From the west side of Columbus these portals seem to be able to be consistently hit by the GPS on a Nexus 4 and a SGS4.

The two ideal mod configurations are 4 shields or two shields and a force amp and a turret (barring the multihalks mentioned above). I've heard that alternating between the two configurations is a good farm deployment strategy.

Should I link the farm?[edit]

Of course! If it's not linked it's because I didn't have the time, resonators, or keys to do so. While I certainly don't mind the linking and fielding badge additions or the AP, levels aren't all that important to me. Especially if you're not yet L8 please link and field within the farm, but try not to link through the farm since that reduces the per-portal link count and weakens the farm. There are also plenty of opportunities for nested fields, I'll collect some interesting (good and bad) link examples below.

Each takedown should net between 50-100 links and 50-75 fields. That means that if you're early and patient you can gain approximately:

  • 70,000 AP from portal deploys
  • 25,000 AP from links
  • 75,000 AP from fields

You're looking at easily 150-200,000 AP for rebuilding the farm.

Link Examples[edit]

First of all, you can play around with the Ingress Maxfield calculator. You'll need a pseudo-CSV file (one of the fields has a comma, that's not really a CSV file!) and you can download seed data for the farm here. This file has all of the farm portals in addition to the portals along 81st and 84th that I use to help bolster the farm's links. Feel free to delete portals you don't care about and re-run it. You can also see the raw data of the run as-is. I've also created a spreadsheet (updated 2018-06-04) with this data if that's easier for you to play around with.

Farm Maxfield Map.png

Note that this map includes all of the support portals, some landmarks for you:

  • 0: Edgar Allen Poe the Raven at Broadway and 84th.
  • 12: Deco Marble Fascade at Amsterdam and 83rd.
  • 23: Bashful Lion at Columbus and 83rd.
  • 50: Theodore Roosevelt Park at Columbus and 81st.
  • 37: Four Greek Gods at CPW and 84th.
  • 53: Universe Mural at 81st St Subway at CPW and 81st.

For reference, this run had 149 links, 140 fields and nets you 316kAP if you include the 54 full-deploys. Someday we should do this as a challenge.


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This link example is from July 8th right after a successful F8. Most of the farm is nicely linked, but there are a few mistakes. A link from Alden in the far right isolated Cherub Gate and Olde Goode Things. A link from the Library on Amsterdam also isolated much of the extended secondary loop. We also haven't reclaimed the support portals fully, I especially like the portals around 83rd and 84th near Broadway since I can use them to passively collect XM for recharging the planet.

Now the good bits. There are lots of tight links including a nested field at the invisible Stone Face Gargoyle in the middle of the primary loop. You'll also note a lot of semi-nested fields with the Columbus/83rd portals as well as Judgmental Horse and Terra Cotta House as cornerstone portals.


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We had a long link that went from Cafe Lalo all the way across the park. Still, the recovery was good in that there are a lot of links from most portals and once the other end of that link went down we filled in the gaps. There's still a bit more work that can be done on the support portals along Broadway and by CPW along 84th, but all-in-all some nice, tight fields. Note the nesting near Columbus on both 82nd and 83rd. However, usually I prefer the long links up to Barney Greengrass to the North to be used along the 84th St portals. These are smaller targets and may take more XMPs to take down.


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Laura took advantage of a baby-free morning thanks to Grandma to produce this art. Lots of nesting here.

Should I Recharge the Farm?[edit]

If you notice a portal is damaged or decayed as you're farming (or even if you just look at the key) please do recharge. I'm usually pretty good at bringing it up to snuff quickly but I've already got black recharger so if there's spare XM you want to throw into the farm be my guest. If the farm is under active attack I usually burn power cubes to keep it up, but you shouldn't feel obligated to do so. It's most annoying when you do the following:

  • Heal at the corners; Rodef, Caduceus, Olde Good Things, Bashful Lion are all good ones to keep up. The goal here is not to actually make sure the portals survive, but to make them spend XMPs that hit as few other portals as possible. If you're desperately trying to keep an R8 alive in the thick of the farm the attacker is taking down mods and other resos via shrapnel. If he's trying to take down a lone corner portal that XMP is only hitting a single portal and doing less overall damage.
  • Just keep the R8s alive. Once the farm starts dropping, try to get the R8s pointing out of the farm and heal those up explicitly. This concentrates your XM, has a chance of letting us bring the farm back at L7 faster with only two people instead of three for some portals, and it costs them more XMPs.
  • If you're local, do an XM sweep and scoop up everything in the farm. This will take XM they could use for the attack and you can dump it right into the farm - costing them a few more power cubes.
  • Don't feel bad when it goes down. The reality is all we can do it make it expensive to take down, we can't prevent them from doing so. If you've cost them more cubes and XMPs you've done good work. However, this advice is a bit dated. The farm is now large enough that many times we can save a leg or at least keep it salvageable because it takes too long and too much gear to take down fully.

What does it take to maintain the farm?[edit]

It's roughly 300,000 XM per day in decay at this point when you include the support portals. Plus when it's attacked I burn cubes to recharge it, then there's replacing mods and resonators. Figure one complete takedown is over 350 resonators (although I'll often cut that in half with a 8-7-6-6 deploy), 180 mods (I can only deploy 90, often I'm limited to 45 by inventory), and countless keys to relink and refield.

That was a great farm, where can I eat?[edit]

There are lots of places on or near the farm, depending on what you're looking for:

Pizza There is, of course, Ray's on 82nd and Columbus which has the benefit of actually being a portal. But also doesn't have great pizza. Most of the non-pizza stuff I've tried is OK, but the pizza isn't up to NYC standards IMO. Since we lost Caesar's Palace much of the good pizza is gone, but we're not far from Sal and Carmine's at 101st and Broadway. More locally, both Made in NY and Marina Pizza are pretty decent Caesar's replacements.

Chinese On the farm along Columbus there is Canteen 82 which is decent, has seating and has (admittedly awful) soup dumplings. However, if you're going for standard take-out fare the place next to Caesar's on Amsterdam between 83rd and 84th called King Food is probably a better bet. Han Dynasty is a good bet for sit-down Chinese and Jacob of Pickle fame has opened up Lucky Pickle Dumpling Company on 84th and Amsterdam.

Sandwiches Lenny's is much better than a bagel chain should be when it comes to sandwiches. On 84th and Columbus you'll also find the Parisian Deli which also makes great sandwiches.

Indian On the west side of Amsterdam between 83rd and 84th is a decent Indian place called Alachi Masala.

Burgers There's a Shake Shack at 77th and Columbus which is worth the walk. At the former location of Soldier McGee's is JG Melon, but they're only open for lunch on Fridays and the weekend. Island Burgers at 80th and Amsterdam isn't bad and doesn't have a wait.

Sit Down Meals I haven't tried too many places nearby, with a toddler in tow it's a bit tough but if you've got the time here are some places I've vetted:

  • Han Dynasty is excellent spicy Chinese.
  • Maison Pickle serves a top-notch French Dip as well as having a decent beer selection and fantastic cocktails.

A broader set of options can be found here from all over NYC.

Local Attractions[edit]

Have a spouse or kids who get in the way of the important things in life like Ingress? You can appease them and your lust for XMPs at the same time! This section is most useful for out-of-towners, but if you need to drag a loved one into Manhattan from the Outer Boroughs it may help.

On the Farm[edit]

  • American Museum of Natural History: Not nearly as interesting as unnatural history, but obviously this is a big draw.
  • Cafe Lalo: A portal on the farm at 83rd and Amsterdam as well as a movie location from You've Got Mail. Decent cheesecake, but the entrees are BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat). If you can convince yourself that souffles are just fluffy omelets it can appease the romantic comedy buff in your family.
  • There are three decent playgrounds nearby. At 81st and CPW across from the Museum you've got Diana Ross with lots of sand and big wooden climbers with a sprinkler. At 85th and CPW you've got Mariner's which is a bit more friendly to the youngest rompers and also has a sprinkler. There's also Spector Playground (again, not as much fun as Spectre Playground) which is again sand and climbers. This is a little deeper in to the left at 85th and CPW. All three are also portals, of course.
  • Amsterdam Ave is nothing but bars and restaurants for all tastes, Columbus Ave is mostly restaurants (see above for a select listing of both).
  • The architecture of the Upper West Side is certainly interesting. Along CPW you've got the twin towered buildings like the San Remo (74th) and the Eldorado (90th), there are the brownstones in the "zero-block" of most streets, and of course at 72nd you've got the Dakota where Rosemary's Baby was born. And some music guy you've probably never heard of used to live there. The Beresford is another nice building at 81st and CPW and the home of the real-life Seinfeld. Amusingly, two blocks west is where his fictional address was in the show but don't expect to see the building there since it was an LA exterior shot.

Into the Park[edit]

Central Park is a big place. There's a lot to do in addition to the three playgrounds mentioned above:

  • Summit Rock overlooking 83rd is the highest natural point in the Park.
  • Head north around 85th and you can go for a a walk around the Reservoir
  • The Great Lawn is up here towards the center of the Park.
  • We're also close to Delacort Theater and the Swedish Marionette Theater.
  • Belvedere Castle is just north of the 79th St. Traverse not too deep into the Park.
  • There are gorgeous views of midtown over The Lake in the 70s.
  • This leads down to Strawberry Fields around 72nd.

South and West[edit]

  • Walking from CPW to the Hudson will net you a bunch of portals and a nice view. You can head west to Riverside Park, turn south to the Boat Basin on 79th, keep going south and you'll hit the Greenway with a bit of an art installation.
  • You've got Zabar's on 80th and Broadway.
  • There's also the Beacon Theater on 75th and Broadway if you want to stop by before/after a show.
  • Verdi Square is another nice place to visit at 72nd and Broadway. The subway station is architecturally interesting and there are a bunch of neat buildings nearby.
  • Lincoln Center isn't that far away either at 66th. Now you're looking at nearly 20 blocks south, but walk along Broadway and it's an interesting 20 blocks - all along the 1 (with 2 and 3 stops at 72nd).
  • If you've made it to Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle isn't that much farther. It's the center of NYC, at least the point they use to measure the distance from the city.