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* [[Raspberry Pi Initial Setup]]
* [[Raspberry Pi Initial Setup]]
* [[Project Fi]]
* [[Project Fi]]
* CLI Hangouts messaging using [[Hangups]]
= Photography =
= Photography =

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This page is a work in progress. I will likely be migrating my existing DocBook documents over to Wiki Format. As they show up you'll see links here, until then please enjoy:

Why not DocBook?

DocBook works great as a structured document framework. It's excellent for publishing books and it lets you do fantastic things in a format-free environment. But my documents are much more fluid and not really designed to be published. With a Wiki edits are trivial and reformatting is just changing the CSS. With DocBook it's changing the XSD (easy) and then recompiling all of the documents and republishing them (tedious - especially if I have unmerged changes pending for some documents). I love DocBook for what it does well, but when everyone is reading the web content a Wiki is just easier.

Ubuntu, Linux in General, and More



  • The Stoker Power Draft Controller

Games and Entertainment